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Disinfection & Cleaning Products
75% Alcool Hand Sanitizer (50ml.)
Tubifast 10M (Green), Tubular Bandage, Tubinette
Disinfection & Cleaning Products
75% Alcohol Swab
3M Coban Self-Adherent Wrap
Dressing Products
3M Eye Pad
Dressing Products
3M Micropore Surgical Tape
Dressing Products
3M Micropore Surgical Tape
Dressing Products
3M Steri-Strip
Dressing Products
3M 1/2 Inch Transpore Tape
Dressing Products
Tegaderm Transparent Dressing
Dressing Products
Tegaderm + Pad
Dressing Products
Dressing Products
Self-Adhesive Pressure Plaster 10M
Dressing Products
Alcohol Prep Pad Swab
Dressing Products
Cotton Wool
Gauze Roll
Dressing Products
Absorbent Gauze Roll
Dressing Products
Gauze Swab, Square Shaped
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What's New
暫停門市服務通告   [2020-01-30]
The company's Lunar New Year holidays started from the 25th January (Saturday) to the 2nd February (Sunday), and will be opened on the 3rd February (Monday). However, the in-store retail service will be suspended temporarily until further notice. If you need to order our products, please use the enquiry function on our website. Please note that some products are in short supply or could be out of stock. This may affect prior confirmed orders as well. Please do NOT make any deposit before receiving notification from us. Please note that all adult surgical masks are all sold out and we do not have the next shipment date at this moment. We are searching for multiply sources and will notify our customers as soon as the next shipment arrived. Please leave your contact information to us via email or fax listed below if you wish to be notified. Email medishop@medishop.com.hk Fax: 2770 9218 We wish you all good health!

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